Easy start

Step 1- Open the app and view our short tutorial.
In case you didn’t remember our tips, you can view them again in the ‘Settings’ section of the app. If you still have questions, check out the FAQs or the Tips&Tricks.

Step 2 - Enter how much money you have now.
Start by entering your current balance (you can add a negative one if that’s the case). Please remember you cannot edit the starting balance afterwards.

Step 3 - Enter your salary and other recurring expenses
Add your salary and other repeating income and set them to be recurrent, so that you don’t have to enter them again. Do the same for your recurring expenses, like rent or mortgage, and you can already project your cash flow.

Step 4 - Follow through
Form your habit of adding your transactions as you make them and keep it, so that you always know where you stand and where you’ll be standing in the future, financially.


How do I add a transaction (an expense or an income)?

Drag down the screen below the calendar. A colorful stripe will appear with a “+” sign in the middle that will take you to the adding screen. Here you’ll be able to select a category for your expenses. Scroll down in the spending categories to discover them. For your income categories swipe the screen from right to left.

Can I add future transactions, as well?

Yes, besides tracking your daily expenses (adding them when they happen), you can also add transactions for the future. Just select the day in the calendar you’re planning your expense or income for, add it and you’re done!

What’s the difference between actual and planned transactions?

Actual transactions (that already happened) are colorful and are taken into account when counting your balance. If a transaction is grey, it means it is only planned and not counted in your balance yet.

How do I delete a transaction?

Simply swipe the entry to the right in the calendar screen and tap on the trash icon. If you change your mind tap on the ‘x’ on the red bar.
If the transaction you want to delete is a recurring one then you have two options: either delete the one you tapped on by tossing it in the trashcan OR there’s the trash icon with the arrow around it for deleting not only the current transaction but all future ones as well.

How do I add a note to a transaction and where does that show?

After choosing the category and entering the amount of the transaction, tap on the little icon in the middle of the screen on the right hand side to add a note to it. This will be shown in the calendar view. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’.

How do I edit a transaction?

Tap on it in the calendar view and the adding screen will appear. Here you can change its amount, category, date and the repeating option, as well as the note you attached to it.

How do I add a new category (for expenses or income)?

Simply tap on the “+” icon at the end of the spending categories and you’ll be able to create a new one for your expenses. Swipe the screen from right to left to create a new category for your income. Choose a color, an icon and name it suggestively so you know what it represents.

How do I customize my categories?

Whether it’s a default category you want to edit or one created by you, simply double tap on it in the adding screen. The choices will appear and you’ll be able to change its color, name and icon. For the latter, please swipe the screen from right to left to see your options. If you want to delete a category, simply toss it in the trash can.

Can I rearrange the categories?

Yes you can! For rearranging the category display order you just need to long tap on the icons you want to move within the adding screen. Start moving them around for a more convenient order, and once you’re done, don’t forget to hit the ‘Save’ button (if you’ve changed your mind, hit the ‘x’ button).

How do I set a recurring transaction?

After choosing the category it belongs to and entering the amount, tap on the circular arrows in the middle of the screen and select the period you want it to repeat for. Don’t forget to hit the ‘Save’ button.
As you’ll see, there is no option for Daily recurrence, as that would clutter your calendar too much. A simple option is to just add a weekly recurring expense that would sum up your daily transactions (eg. add $60 each week for lunch on Mondays, instead of $12 each day.)

How do I deactivate a recurring transaction?

Tap on the recurring transaction in the calendar view, tap on the circular arrows in the adding screen and then tap on the ‘Clear’ button. Go to the next planned recurring event, swipe it from left to right and tap on the trashbin with the circle around it - this will delete all your recurring events set for that certain transaction.

How do I add a reminder for my transaction?

At this point you cannot set a reminder to your transactions (this is a feature, that at the moment, is available for the iPhone app only). However, we’ll include this option into our Android app as well with one of our future updates.

Planned or recurring transactions don’t appear in my Balance.

Planned transactions don’t get activated automatically. If you have such a transaction in your current day and you performed it, swipe left to confirm it. Keeping in mind that people's plans or the given circumstances change, we made sure that if a planned transaction doesn't occur, this won’t be calculated in your balance. If it would get activated automatically and you would forget deleting it, your balance won't be accurate anymore.

Dashboard (circle icon on action bar)

How do I adjust my balance?

You can edit your balance anytime from your Dashboard, just tap on the amount. Please note, however, that the starting/opening balance cannot be subsequently edited. To type in a negative balance just put a - sign before the amount.

Where can I see a forecast of my balance/cashflow?

The graph in the Dashboard (next to your balance) is meant to show how your balance evolves over time. It allows you to create a detailed view of your financial future based on your monthly expenses and income. The different tiles in the Balance screen show your overall monthly balance, and if you wonder what those red and green digits define, they are there to show how much your balance decreased or increased compared to previous months. This is especially useful for planning months ahead.

Where do I see my spending habits? (Expenses chart)

In your Dashboard (circle icon in the upper right corner of the navigation bar) you’ll be able to see how much money you spend in a month and per each category. Tap on the colored stripes for an overview of your spending. The width of the colored stripes corresponds to the percentages for each expense category. By clicking on a certain category you’ll have a detailed view of every transaction that you’ve made within that particular category.

Where do I see my planned expenses?

If you would like to see how much you are planning to spend per category, simply tap on the Expenses chart (colorful stripes). Swipe it left to change the month. If you are interested in a more detailed view, showing these per days, go back to the calendar screen, select a time period and see them with the notes you’ve added.

How do I see my expenses for a certain period of time?

First, select the timespan you are interested in by simply tapping on the first day of it, then long tapping on the last day of the period. Next, scroll down under the calendar for the detailed display of the transactions. You can see both actual and planned expenses and income, with notes.


Can I set a password to lock the app?

Yes, you can lock the app to protect your data. Free users beware: as we don’t collect any personal data from you, we cannot reset it! If you forget your pin, you’ll lock yourself out of the app and won’t be able to access your data anymore. However, don’t give up, try out a few variations - you can have as many consecutive attempts as you want.

I don’t use decimals. How can I turn them off?

You can turn off this option from ‘Settings’.

Is there a way to start week on Monday?

Yes, there is. Just go to Settings (‘General’) and select Monday or Sunday as start day of the week by tapping on the ‘First day of the week’ section.

Can I export my data?

Yes, you can export it into CSV.

Can I clear my data in the app and start from scratch?

In the free version of the app there is no option to reset data, we have this available for Pro subscribers only.

Is there a way I can transfer data when switching to another device?

Free users cannot transfer their data at this point - when switching to another device, first you should export your data into a CSV file and manually enter it into your new device. However, if your are a Pro user you can have access to your data on any device you choose via the sync functionality, you just have to login with your registered account.

Do you support my currency?

Dollarbird doesn't use currencies, we have constructed it in a way to make it suitable for everyone around the globe to use it.

Will you translate Dollarbird to other languages as well?

We are planning to support a few other languages as well in the future. If you are interested in helping us out in translating the app into your language, just drop us a line at hello@feedback.co/ We very much appreciate your help!
We can only offer user support in English, Hungarian and Romanian.

Will you make a tablet and desktop version of Dollarbird app?

We’d absolutely love to - so, it is the next task on our to do list. In the long term we’d like to make a desktop version of the app as well.

How can I give feedback or request a feature?

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions at feedback@dollarbird.co And if you still need help at any stage feel free to contact us at hello@dollarbird.co, we’d be glad to help!

Android Dollarbird Pro

How can I upgrade to Dollarbird Pro?

This option is temporarily unavailable to new users. We'll be back soon!

What happens after I have upgraded?

Once you upgrade to Dollarbird Pro, the same app will get upgraded and all the Pro features will be enabled instantly. In the very rare case they’re not, try logging out of the app and in again. In the unlikely case you’re still experiencing problems or the app isn’t upgraded, email us at support@dollabird.co and we’ll fix the problem. Please remember to mention the email address you registered with.

I’m trying to upgrade but my payment ends up with an error?

Should you receive an error when upgrading, try resetting your password. If still doesn’t work, email us at support@dollarbird.co and we’ll check what’s going on.

Can I downgrade at any time?

You can only downgrade once your subscription period is over. First cancel the auto-renewable subscription from your device (My Apps screen in the Play Store app) or from the app's product details page in the Play Store app (for more info see here), and when the Pro period you subscribed for is up, you just need to click on the ‘Downgrade’ button. Although, please keep in mind that downgrading will mean losing the Pro features.
Once you downgrade all the data within your various calendars/accounts will be merged into one calendar. The names of the calendars however will be lost for transactions, also your log-in details will be deleted (if you’ll want to switch back to Pro, you will need to register again). As for the Pro categories, they will carry forward only their icons will change taking up the 'Other' category icon.


Does it sync across devices? Can I share my calendar with my partner?

To take advantage of unlimited backup of your data and of the ability to sync across devices, you need to have Dollarbird Pro and use the same registered email address on all your devices. Note that the registered email address cannot be changed in Dollarbird, you must keep using the email address that you entered during your account creation in order to log in to your account.

How does sync work?

Simply add or edit your transaction in your calendar/s and this will automatically sync to your account on all your devices. You can either share it with family members or log in from a different device and continue working on the calendar where you left off.

What happens if some transactions aren’t appearing on one of the devices?

While we do our best so no data gets lost, there might be occasions when something could interrupt the sync. Slow mobile network is usually to blame. In any case, don’t worry your data is not lost, it might need to be marked for sync again. If something interrupts the sync however, try tapping on the overflow icon in action bar (upper right corner of the calendar screen next to the ‘Dashboard’ button) and select ‘Sync now’. This should re-start the sync on your device. If your data on your devices is still not in harmony, email us at support@dollabird.co.

Multiple Calendars (Dollarbird / listings icon in navigation bar)

How do I manage my multiple accounts/calendars?

To add multiple calendars click on the Dollarbird icon on the action bar above the calendar and tap on ‘+’ button. You can name it and add a balance to it, just don’t forget to hit ‘Save’. For editing your calendars tap on the overflow icon in the action bar (upper right corner) or simply long tap on the calendar/account you want to edit from the selection window.

You can see all your calendars merged into one by selecting all of them. Reports are shown depending on what calendar is selected - you can have single or multiple selections. Also, you can select any calendar to be your default one. If you want to delete one of your accounts just tap on the trash icon in the bottom of the screen. Beware, if you choose to delete a calendar, all transactions linked to that will also get deleted.
Please note, at this point you have limited numbers of calendars - you can have up to 15 accounts.

What if I added a transaction to the wrong calendar. How can I move transactions from one calendar to the other?

To move transactions between calendars first select the transaction you want to move in the calendar. There’s the calendar icon (with the little arrow above it) in the middle of the adding screen which will open a drop-down menu that includes all your other calendars. Here you can select the account you want to move your transaction to, just don’t forget to hit ‘Save’!
NOTE: The calendar icon will only appear when there are more than one calendar added to your Dollarbird account.

What if I added a transaction to the wrong date?

No worries! There’s the calendar icon (first one in the line) in the adding screen where you can select the right date for your transaction. Don’t forget to hit ‘Done’!

How do transfers work?

For transferring funds from one account to the other (e.g. your debit card into cash), use the ‘Transfer’ option in the adding screen - just swipe the Expenses category listing from left to right and you can manually transfer amounts from one account to the other: the sum gets removed from the remitting account, and added to the target account.

Where can I see the transfers between my accounts?

The transfers between your accounts can be seen on the day you did the transfer for. To be able to see both transfers in the calendar you need to have the calendars you made the transfer to and fro selected (multiple selection).

Dashboard (circle icon in navigation bar)

How do I adjust my balance?

Any changes to your balance can be done from the calendar by tapping on the overflow icon in action bar. The option to edit calendar will only appear when you have a single calendar selected. First select the calendar you want to adjust the balance for then go on editing it.

You can also edit your balance from your Dashboard, but remember, you can edit the balance for one calendar at a time.
To type in a negative balance just put a minus sign before the amount.

Where can I see a forecast of my balance / cashflow?

The graphs in the Dashboard (next to your balance) are meant to show how your balance evolves over time. These allow you to create a detailed view of your financial future based on your monthly expenses and income. The different tiles show your overall balance, and if you wonder what those red and green digits define, they are there to show how much your balance decreased or increased compared to previous months. This is especially useful for planning months ahead.

Where do I see a summary of my income? (Income chart)

We know that some of you have variable income that fluctuates from month to month, or some of you are just one of those lucky ones who has hit the jackpot and got a lump sum. Either way, to make ends meet, we included an additional chart for you to track your various sources of income as well. If you would like to see how much you are earning each month just check the ‘Income’ section in your ‘Dashboard’. The width of the colored stripes correspond to the percentages for each income category. For a more detailed view on your streams of income click on a certain earnings category.

Where can I compare my income from month to month?

To see how much money you received in the prior months just swipe the income chart (colorful stripes) from left to right to change the months.

Where do I see how much money I still have to receive?

If you would like to see how much more you are planning to receive per earnings category, simply tap on the income chart (colorful stripes). Swipe it left to change the month. If you are interested in a more detailed view, go back to the calendar screen, select a timespan (simply tap on the first day and last day of the period you are interested in) and see them with the notes you’ve added.

Is there a way to display my income compared to my expenses?

Once your income and expenses categories are set up you can compare them. To get an overview of your income compared to your expenses at a glance go to your Dashboard, and tap on the ‘Income vs Expenses’ section. Then select the timeframe you want to compare by tapping on the dates (Balance from - Balance to) beneath the bar chart. You can display results from one month, quarter or year, just simply select more months to display side by side. The darker blue bar represents your income whilst the lighter your expenses.
Comparing new results to previous results says a great deal about your spending habit and the direction you’re heading.

How can I add budgets to my expenses?

To divide your budget into categories go to your “Dashboard”. Tap on one of the circles above your ‘Overall Balance’ and start adding those budgets. The spending categories will be already defined for your use, just select the ones you want to set the budget for: car, groceries, fun, clothing, toys, savings etc. You can add budgets one by one by tapping the “+” icon (top right corner of the screen) or the ‘Add budget’ button. Once you have added budgets for all your categories, go back to your calendar and add more spending categories, if needed.

To see a breakdown of the budgets per categories, simply tap on the category you want to see the detailed summary.

How can I edit my budgets?

You can edit your set budgets by long tapping on them. To change the amount tap on the “x” button in the lower left corner of the screen and type in the right amount. If you want to move a budget from one category to the other (one that has no budget yet) just select the category you want to move the budget for and set a new amount for that.

What happens if I exceed my budget per category?

YYou’ll get to see if you’ve exceeded your budget in the Dashboard - in the budgeting screen - a red circle wrapping around your budget categories will give you a heads up when you’ve not kept your spending on track.

How do I see the budget performance for previous month?

To see your performance for previous months you just need to tap on the calendar icon in the action bar of the budget screen (right next to the ‘+’ button). Here you’ll be able to see an overview of how much you budgeted per month. The first digits (before the slash) are the total amount of money you assigned to your budget categories, while the second numbers represent the amount you actually spent from the budgeted amount.

Where can I see my biggest payment in a month?

To stay on top of your payments, it’s good to know what you spend the most money on in a month. So check out your ‘Biggest Payment’ in the Dashboard (bottom of the screen) and you’ll see what’s been causing you hardship. Your payments are displayed by date starting with the biggest payment/month. If you want to see how you’ve been doing in the other months, simply swipe through the screen just like you swipe in your ‘Income’ and ‘Expenses’ charts.
Knowing this, in the long run, might help you to control your cash flow and reduce your expenses.

What happens if I forget my password?

You just need to click on the ‘Forgot Password’ field in the login screen and at a tap you will receive an email containing a link that will allow you to reset your password. The password reset links we send out are time-sensitive, so they are valid for only 24 hours. If you still cannot access your account, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I clear my data in the app and start from scratch?

Yes, you can. In case you want a fresh start with the app go to the Settings and select “Reset all data”. However, please note that once you choose to wipe your data, we will not be able to get it back for you.

Tips & Tricks

Read our short posts on how to use Dollarbird for your different needs.